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Awesome Features

Fan Base Interaction Made Simple

Meet and Greet events are difficult to host and often involve major geographic and logistical challenges. With VidCall you can interact with fans from across the world from the comfort of your home. Here are a few features that make our platform amazing...

Timezone Sync

Our platform uses automatic timezone synchronization to ensure that influencers and their fans are always seeing their local time regardless of where they are located. This ensures a seamless meet and greet experience for your fans.

Availability Calendar

Influencers can set, modify and delete time slots from their availability calendar. This calendar is infinitely modifiable and makes it simple for influencers to ensure that their schedule is always up to date and synced with their busy lives.

Custom Merch

Influencers can add/upsell custom merch products alongside their meet and greets. The addition of these products creates further incentive for fans to use the platform while increasing the revenue generated per transaction.

Video Archival

All video calls are automatically archived and saved to both the creator and their fans my account pages. With permission, influencers can use the archived footage as content for their other platforms. Fans can download and share this footage.

Simple & Powerful

Set your per minute rate and merch offerings in one click.

We can work with you to provide one-off merch offerings to your fans. Our team of experts can source any product imaginable. The best part? We'll get these products produced with no upfront cost to you! Have your own merch? No problem! We can integrate with your current merch provider as well.

Thousands of Happy Fans

“This was literally the best experience I've ever had! Never thought I'd be able to talk to him one on one.” -Brett
“I'm from Australia so it's really amazing that I was able to meet him even though he's all the way in Cali!” -Miranda
“I love that I can talk to him every week! This will be my fifth time doing a vidcall this month... Oops!” -Mackenzie
Infinite Possibilities

Simple and Efficient Interface

You have thousands if not millions of fans. How are you supposed to manage all of their meet and greet requests? With VidCall that's not a problem! Using our innovative video calling interface you can fulfill hundreds of calls sequentially.

Everything You Need

We Make Fanbase Interaction Simple

Here's how...

Beautifully Designed
100% Responsive
Smooth Interactions
Simple Interface
Web Based
Great Support
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